Your Worth is in His Word: 66 Ways God Loves You

One of the most treasured things I own is broken. But, I still love it. Here’s the back story:

In college, my friend Tony broke up with his fiancé – or maybe she broke up with him — I never really knew for sure. But, what was for sure is that the jeweler wouldn’t give him his money back when he returned the engagement ring. Bad for brokenhearted Tony. Good for supportive friend Jennifer!

Tony had store credit and he wanted to spend some of it on me. Wow. No, not on another ring or a piece of jewelry, he wanted me to have something very special — a Lladro. Have you ever seen one? They are stunning porcelain sculptures with a brilliant crystalline finish. What really sets a Lladro apart is the flowers. Each one is individually created, petal by petal so that every flower is a unique, unrepeatable creation.

Then, the sculpture stays in the kiln for about 24 hours at over 1300º! The result is that the Porcelain vitrifies, varnish crystallizes and the Lladró’s true colors come to the surface. So, you can imagine why they are so beautiful and so expensive.

Tony and I picked out a Lladro figurine of a woman with slender lines, wearing a graceful hat with one of her pale hands hovering over a delicate vase of flowers. She was beautiful.

On graduation day, Tony and I hugged goodbye and I left college with a diploma and a Lladro!

The Lladro moved with me from city to city, apartment to apartment, home to home. No matter where we lived, I always showed her off because she was such a treasure.

One fateful afternoon though — uh oh, here it comes– our four-year-old son Clayton was playing hide-and-seek near the table where the Lladro stood. You know what happened, right? A bump of the table sent her plummeting to the floor, chipping the tips of the petals on her flowers. My husband tried to glue her dainty pieces back together, but her bouquet was never the same. I know, what was I thinking leaving her there on that table where four-year-olds roam?

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