What to Do When You’re Wrestling With Doubt

Doubt is a large part of everyone's life. Maybe you doubt if the economy will ever improve, or if a great revival will hit our cities again as they have in the past.

Tonight I am doubtful that this piece of chocolate cake is big enough to make me feel better.

What to Do When In Doubt

But there is something much more serious that you and I both doubt. We often doubt God.

No matter how strong of a Christian we think we are, no matter how consistent we are in our quiet time, or how many verses we have locked up tight in our memory, you doubt God. And so do I.

We may not struggle with the big doubts, like the ones about God's character or his gift of salvation.

We have smaller doubts.

But here is a nasty little secret that I have learned. Our "small doubts" generally reveal that we don't really understand the big truths about God.

What to Do When Wrestling With Doubt

Let me explain...

Doubting God's Character

We all get impatient; some of us more than others, but we have all struggled and failed in this area. Let's say that you are a little crunched for time and are standing in the check-out line at the grocery store. In front of you another lady has a cart overflowing with items. So far you have been able to wait patiently despite the ticking of the clock. But when she pulls out her massive binder of coupons your patience is replaced by shock, then annoyance, and then your internal complaints begin. But let's back up.

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