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Why is Prayer Important?

The reasons for praying are both biblical and personal.

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Make Your Mouth a Fountain of Life

What will come out of your mouth today: death or life?

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Taking God Out of the Equation

The Christian philosophy of math begins with God, who numbered the days of creation as recorded in Genesis 1.

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Go and Do, Get it Done…There’s a Better Way!

God gives us a much more effective way to do our work and a very different starting point.

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4 Habits of a Happy Heart

True happiness — the kind that really anchors, satisfies, inspires, and lasts — is not something to be taken for granted.

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3 Ways to Escape the Prison of Self-Awareness

Here are a few ways to shrink your letter “I” today.

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When God Messes with Your Life Plan

Creating life plans is big business these days.

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The Human Body: Wired for Extremes

God has equipped every human with backup systems that are programmed to respond to all sorts of emergencies.

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Your Hope in the Storm

Christ’s last words in the sermon on the mount talk about the storms of life.

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