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What Do You Say to Someone Facing the Unthinkable?

Author and speaker Jennifer Rothschild answers this question she was asked recently.

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Self-Control and the Power of Christ

Self-control may be the epitome of “easier said than done.”

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The Werewolf’s Curse

Since ancient times history has recorded legends of people turning into animals, particularly dangerous wolves. Does some truth lurk behind the stories?

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Be Yourself in Prayer

Here are a few guiding principles that sum up Jesus’s teaching on prayer.

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Confident Faith to “Fear Not”

The command to “fear not” is always accompanied by reason and encouragement.

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Learning How to Boast

God doesn’t tell us not to boast, he teaches us how.

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Combatting a Constant Threat

Every second, our bodies must monitor a melange of threats that seek to invade and destroy.

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Flying with a Fallen Soldier

What if you and I really accept the truth that nothing is truly ordinary? There are no moments and no people where God’s glory can’t be glimpsed.

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Is It a Sin to Drink Alcohol?

Reasons for Hope tackles a question on whether it’s a sin to drink alcohol.

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Why We Neglect Our Bibles

Here are four common causes of Bible neglect in the Christian life.

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Creation Basics: Four Ways to Destroy the Creation Account

Many Christians reject the straightforward, historical reading of the Genesis creation account simply because they believe it cannot be verified by science.

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Adam’s Grandchildren Could Have Traveled to the Moon

Embracing the challenges of life as blessings from God gave meaning, purpose, and satisfaction to our existence.

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Why Are You on the Earth?

We are here to interpret and transcribe the praises of God.

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Allosaurus: A Creationist’s Best Friend

Properly understood, dinosaurs aren’t “awkward” but our best friends — powerful evidence that Genesis 1–11 is literally true.

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Be Careful with Your Eyes What You See!

The eye is a gate through which information enters into our minds.

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Lay Aside the Weight of Irritability

Our irritability never has its roots in the soils of righteousness.

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How To Face The Day

Here are three ways to face the day when you want to turn your back on it.

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Is the Monkey at Your Gate?

How do we live in the world without being influenced by the ways of world?

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