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Bell the Cat in Your Marriage

A successful marriage requires a high-risk mission.

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Our Homes Are the Laboratory of Life for Our Children

Everyday life affords scores of opportunities to connect Scripture to life for our children.

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Be the FUN Family

Be the parents who willingly venture into a child’s world, and create a home where your kids want to be.

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Grieving Together, Differently

If you and your spouse are currently grieving differently, here are three things to remember.

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I’ll Never Take You Shopping Again!

How do you treat your children when they sin?

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10 Ways to Help You Navigate Seasons

We experience a vast array of seasons over a lifetime. Here are 10 ways to press through.

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3 Practical Ways to Bless Your Spouse

Blessing our spouses means loving them and letting them know how important they are in a practical way.

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Leading Your Children to Maturity in Christ

You must help your children understand that each circumstance brings the opportunity to serve God.

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8 Ways to Maintain Your Friendship In Marriage

Here are 8 ways to maintain friendship in marriage.

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Patience and Complaining Don’t Mix

Instead of being consumed about what is wrong with your life, God calls you to patience.

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4 Truths to Remember When You Wish You Weren’t Married

Here are a few truths to encourage you as you fight for joy and satisfaction in your marriage.

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3 Common Reasons Money Becomes a Marital WMD

Here are 3 reasons money can cause conflict in marriage.

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Finding Purpose in the Pigskin

Athletics is a tool for us to use when parenting our children.

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Teach Your Daughters to Fear God, Not Men!

Here are 3 ways to combat the abuse that plagues our culture.

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How to Get Less Entangled by Technology and More Connected to Your Loved Ones

Here are 4 ways to get less entangled by technology and more connected to your loved ones.

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The Friends We Keep

How should we handle opposite-sex friendships when we’re married?

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Teach Your Children About the Danger of Acceptable Sins

The place to teach your children about sin is the Bible, not the public media.

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Teaching Hospitality Through Example

Our children take our cues about hospitality. They value what we value and get excited about what we think is worthy.

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