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Jessica’s Decision

Parents, are you ready to talk freely and naturally with your children about God, sex, and marriage?

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One Flesh: 5 Questions for Your Marriage

In our marriages, how do we know we are truly living as one flesh?

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The Hands of Time in Your Marriage Together

There is something beautiful and profound about time and aging in the marriage relationship.

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The Secret to Finishing Your Marriage Well

Those monumental anniversary celebrations aren’t what ultimately determine the actual direction of your marriage.

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Don’t Be a Fool When You Fight

If you don’t want to be a fool when you’re in conflict, you have to seek understanding more than victory.

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Broken Rules, Broken Relationships

Don’t let broken rules destroy your relationship with your teenager.

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Can You Power Down?

What have you done in your marriage that has helped manage technology?

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Why You’re Going to Have a Fantastic Marriage This Year!

Have you ever considered that God wants you to have a great marriage?

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Kids Don’t Need Pinterest Perfect

We like to put our best picture forward, but what message are we sending to our kids with all this perfectionism?

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