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The Lord Laughs at Public Opinion Polls

Each political season millions are spent on public opinion polls.

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3 Ways to Find Stability in an Uncertain World

Three principles that speak to the uncertainties we face in today’s world.

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Evil & 9/11

9/11 is a painful and disturbing memory. It is also a stark reminder that evil exists.

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Baseball in September

Baseball is a game that resonates with the human soul.

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The Silence of the Lambs…in America

We may feel helpless because geographically we are so far from those who are suffering.

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Six Things Every Freshman Needs to Know

Words of advice for the college freshman and his or her parents.

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You Can’t Handle the Truth

Here’s a story that represents the ever increasing battle between God’s truth and the “educated” word.

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How to Love Your Neighbors

Here are some practical ideas on how you can love your real-life, next-door neighbors.

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Reformation and the Critics

The Reformation was a great work of the Holy Spirit of God, and it was a royal mess. Is there a problem?

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God, Country, and Lady Liberty

This fourth of July, consider what your contribution can be to making a change in the United States of America.

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