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Growing Pains

Growing Pains was a popular sitcom that originally aired on ABC from September 1985 to April 1992. It went through seven very succesful seasons with a total of 166 episodes, each special in its own way.

The show was about a family of five, the Seavers, who lived on Long Island, New York. Jason Seaver was the father, a psychiatrist, who had his practice at home; Maggie, his wife, was a journalist.

Together, Maggie and Jason raised four children. They often worried about “who would stay home with the baby” or would “be there for the kids” and the responsibility was often juggled, even fought over, between the two parents but eventually settled.

The oldest of the four children was Mike Seaver, played by Kirk Cameron. A dare-devil yet charming, Mike helped Growing Pains ratings shoot sky high and quickly became the 80’s pin up boy appearing on cover after cover of teen magazines.

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